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A beautiful, sunny day in Coco Park by madlencia A beautiful, sunny day in Coco Park :iconmadlencia:madlencia 6 1 Powerpuff Girls Z: Blossom by sirtravis Powerpuff Girls Z: Blossom :iconsirtravis:sirtravis 205 25 Coco Bandicoot by Fennekfuchs Coco Bandicoot :iconfennekfuchs:Fennekfuchs 15 22 Crash Bandicoot Gijinka by TikeyCosplay Crash Bandicoot Gijinka :icontikeycosplay:TikeyCosplay 11 2 Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask cosplay - Kiss by SailorMappy Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask cosplay - Kiss :iconsailormappy:SailorMappy 348 25 Sailor Moon and Luna Cosplay by SailorMappy Sailor Moon and Luna Cosplay :iconsailormappy:SailorMappy 266 77 Eternal Sailor Moon Cosplay - Pure by SailorMappy Eternal Sailor Moon Cosplay - Pure :iconsailormappy:SailorMappy 393 28 Sailor Moon - power of the moon by Firiless Sailor Moon - power of the moon :iconfiriless:Firiless 613 66 Rayman Legends: Self-Rescuing Princesses by StarMintsCosplay Rayman Legends: Self-Rescuing Princesses :iconstarmintscosplay:StarMintsCosplay 29 8 Barbara - Rayman Legend by Mito-Lowe Barbara - Rayman Legend :iconmito-lowe:Mito-Lowe 40 16 Ponponpon by jellyfire Ponponpon :iconjellyfire:jellyfire 35 5 Banjo Kazooie Cosplay by Neradina Banjo Kazooie Cosplay :iconneradina:Neradina 120 19 Coco Bandicoot Cosplay by Maspez Coco Bandicoot Cosplay :iconmaspez:Maspez 5 0 Crash Bandicoot Cosplay by Maspez Crash Bandicoot Cosplay :iconmaspez:Maspez 2 0 Minamicon 20-55 by ggeudraco Minamicon 20-55 :iconggeudraco:ggeudraco 16 1
For the love of cosplay, why not show off some of the beautiful talent here eh? ;)

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What game series would you love to see rereleased on PSN, Steam or other networks?
3 deviants said Have your say? Whether they've been done before or NOT on other places?
NOTE: This is just a little opinion and I do respect others.
Sooo...the concepts of creating characters in Sonic characters fantasies come to life but...NO, I am NOT creating my once anthro char because get this...she was NEVER a Sonic FC to begin with. People just never listen sometimes, that's why I've pretty much left her in the dust now, plus being nearly 30, it's no wonder. :I 

Besides, creating Sonic characters has been done to death. 
Best comment ever by KawaiiSteffuIt's comments like this that make one's day. lol

But nah. 

What game series would you love to see rereleased on PSN, Steam or other networks? 

3 deviants said Have your say? Whether they've been done before or NOT on other places?

Tag you're it, tag tag you're Morocco

Journal Entry: Sun May 7, 2017, 12:43 PM
  • Listening to: The entertainment
  • Reading: Sort Your Brain Out
  • Watching: Power Puff Girls
  • Playing: in the water
  • Eating: Just had dinner
  • Drinking: Fruit Punch.

So..., was tagged by :iconnikka-a:... 

1. Do you like to swim? Not as much, I'm more of the type to just play in a so here in Morocco
2. What's your blood type? IT CAN'T type, has no fingers.
3. Do you sing soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, or bass? Bit of each. Karaoke queen!!!! 
4. What's your favorite food? Sushi!!!!! Sushi no bg
5. Have you ever left your home country? Lived in Ireland for nine years, been to Wales and Nederlands. Currently on vacation in Morocco. 

6. Does music make you feel, or do you just casually enjoy it? Depends...
7. What's your favorite animal? I have a soft spot for foxes but I love hedgehogs. Floating Hedgehog 

8. Can you type without looking at what you're doing? Depends...
9. How do you experience bliss? When daydreaming and receiving kindness.

10. What is the most profound experience you've ever had?...howd I know? 

11. Baked chips, or regular? I don't mind both.
12. Do you speak multiple languages? No, just English mostly.

13. If you could experience the Universe, would you do it? Change it for the better...

OH these were the questions i was to answer...meh what the hey? 

1. What game system/handheld did you grow up with?
Sega Mega Drive :megadrive: 

2. What genre of music do you usually prefer? All kinds of rock, grunge, classical, oldies, folk...

3. How long have you been drawing for? Eh,since I was 6 but I wanna try do it again...

4. What's your main goal in life?
To become a voiceover artist and land a part in a game or something. Also to make up for my mistakes...

5. Socks or slippers in the house?

6. Do you draw better on a tablet or on paper?
I guess it depends but i'm decent on either...

7. Whats your most favorite fictional character?
...I can't choose...Kenny McCormick, Brian Griffin, Tails, pretty much most of the cast in Crash Bandicoot....i can't choose....

8. Do you have any OTP's that you ship with?
...don't get me started...I've a few guilty ones

9. What kind of pet do you have? hamster passed away few months ago :(

10. Chocolate chip cookies, or Peanutbutter ones?
Doesn't matter...

11. Any significant other you have feelings for?
I don't talk about that stuff...

12. Are you more of a Windows, Mac or a Linux distro type of person?

13. What's the best thing you ever had memories of in your childhood?
Probably all the gaming experience...Playstation's one that is close to my heart...

Tag bla bla bla, can't be arsed. So go ahead and steal it

Here's my questions I guess

1. Fantasy or horror movies?
2. If you could stroke any animal with no harm, what would it be and why?
3. Spots or stripes?
4. Do you prefer the bath or shower?
5. Have you ever been on a plane?
6. Biggest fear?
7. What do you hate the most in life?
8. Would you donate a kidney to someone else in need? 
9. The Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park? 
10. Can you snap your fingers?
11. Contacts or glasses?
12. Landscape or portrait? 
13. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where and why? 

DON'T do tags so go ahead!!!!! I guess :iconluke-the-f0x: and :icondcleadboot: and :icondoublesnl: are somewhat keen or not on doing these but meh. Go ahead, if you don't, no pressure. 

So...Morocco's really hot and eegh...the people can be dodgy here and do NOT buy any herbal thing from pharmacists...

Been keeping a journal but as for this week, pretty lazy mostly. 
Week 1
May 1st - 2nd
Got up, got dressed, had breakfast, packed last few tidbits and weighed it to the right acceptable weight needed. After a long few hours, got in the car and soon was ready to make the long journey to paradise...ahem...

Picked up other holiday goers who are joining us and soon our party was ready to hit the road. After finally making it to Gatwick airport, we all got our tickets and passports out and boarding passes and soon checked in our luggage and we split up and  went into the lounge for a bite to eat while teh other half went for a cigarette break. Nothing beat a long few hours of dining at the buffet on pasta and other things up there. plus plenty of beverages. Also there were plenty of newspapers to read up there.

After a while, the rest of our party joined us from a long cigarette break and I went off to do some shopping. I came back from WH Smith with two brand new books to read while on the long journey to Marrakesh. One all about the brain (very interesting) and the other on how to succeed better in your life, goal and dreams. Both very good reads and I highly recommend them. Was really worth the brief little shopping trip!

Pretty soon, we all made our way to our plane which took four hours to finally get to Morocco. The view was absolutely fantastic! It felt like we were flying like in The Snowman but over Spain and Casablanca and in mild to sunny weather. Once night approached and we were finally in Morocco, the lights from down below were lovely. I really wish I had my camera out to film the view. It felt like I was in the Starlight Zone from Sonic 1.

Soon after landing, we all got off and...waited for 2 hours to get in line to have our passports stamped...oh my god, the queue was horrendous and slow, it felt like we were all in "The Line Ride" from that episode of South Park. After finally getting stamped, we grabbed our luggage in our suitcases and...had to wait in another log queue to have our bags scanned...

Hmm...I sense an I.M.P episode, like a follow up to the one based on our London adventure 6 years ago. Even I felt like Meglif just wanting to get into my little fury furry  tempter tantrums! Eh :iconrogerregorroger:

FINALLY! We got on our coach and on our way to Riu Tikida. Seeing all the sights of large trees and scenery was so beautiful and unique and it felt like Jurassic Park minus the dinosaurs and the theme music. xD

Soon, we checked in after doing some final touches and were showed to our rooms. While my room mate went out to look for a bar, I stayed in the room and stripped off my sweaty non summery clothes to hop into the shower...soaking my hair while trying to work it...fiddly thing.

Soon, after freshening up, I was alone and butt naked and exhausted, finally slipped into something comfortable and not so sweaty, charged up my phone, washed the make up off my face and shook my hair out loose and plastered up my feet with band aids and crawled into my soft comfy bed. Can't believe we arrived and it was like 2 in the morning, ridiculous.

The bed is so cosy and comfy and the weather is lovely, really looking forward to dozing off in the sun by the pool in my bikini and soaking up the sun and looking for the nearest spa to ease all the stress and pain away and think of nothing but...whatever you think about when you're wanting to relax into blissful little daydreams while on holiday.

Here's to the next few days and another week of carefree sunny skies and dips in the pool. :D

2nd May - continuing  the daylight.

Lovely lie in and later maybe a dip in the pool. Until I went to lunch and sprained and fractured my thumb. It hurt so it bled and bust open near my knuckle. I was so depressed and nearly felt sick. 

Soon, after waiting for a doctor, I got a lift to the hospital, it was a NIGHTMARE! :(
They took ages to come back to us and we were all getting pissed off. Also when I had my x ray done, a doctor said the bone was broken...when it wasn't and another said it was fine and of ALL the things he did...he did a sawing gesture to my thumb, he was joking but it wasn't funny. It was disgusting and I was both upset, scared and just wanted to come home. So much for two weeks going for a swim. 

ALSO everyone up there didn't speak our language and were all either Moroccon or French...again, it's so reminding me of an I.M.P event or something. 

I hate hospitals...I really do. 
After a long painful shitty service at the hospital, went back and had a nap and soon woke up to eat something. Tried my first ever fruit punch and oh my god, Something I didn't think I was going to like, it has sugar all round the rim of the glass's so...lush.

In the late evening, I was dragged to a nightclub and forced to dance...ugh...awkward. After that, I went into bed and had a read until I went to sleep.

3rd May
Got up, ate and went for a sunbathe and wondered round for a bit and spotted one of the many forty tortoises in the gardens. Was so cute! Went into the boutique close by and bought a little orange bracelet. As well as a blue one for my best friend. 

Also went into the snack bar for lunch and was given a pink rose to wear in my hair or in my bikini top lol. Soon I put it in water in my room on the dresser. I love roses. They are scented here too and they are so lovely. 

After lunch, I hung around again and cooled off by the pool in my bikini and then booked an appointment at the spa to have my hair done. I was planning on having it braided but they couldn't do that so instead I arranged to have it coloured. Since my hair now is bleach blonde, I had it done the same colour and it filled in the gaps where I missed after trying to dye it myself nearly two months ago lol.

After having it done, sat down and chilled and then went for a wonder myself round the pool to look for chameleons, didn't find any yet. Gotta be up early to find them I say.

Then went in for dinner where I stuffed my face in with anchovy pizza and 3 scoops of ice cream. By the end of these two weeks I'll definitely be coming home with a few love handles. ^^;

May 4th
Woke up and went for a wonder in the chilly air and found loads of tortoises on the way including a tiny little one that was just so cute I could've fit it in my pocket! ^w^. Also found 3 lizards, presumably skinks. Beautiful, I felt like David Attenborough! 

Later, I went to relax in the shade with my book by the pool and a lady there offered to plait my hair for me. I love when other holiday goers are so nice and friendly. I also I do enjoy having my hair played with and french plaited or braided or anything, I never get this done often...see why I was a tomboy growing up?

Later, went into the restaurant where a man was playing live music on a lute and it was lovely to hear. Enjoyed a yummy dish of chicken tangine. 

Soon I chilled out and went for a nap. Though to be honest, I was a little depressed at the time due to something coming over me,plus I hated having my thumb bandaged up... 

May 5th
Went into town to see all the stalls up there, well okay this tour guide kept making us go into places that didn't give us time to even browse which pissed me off. Did get some lovely red leather mule slippers though. 

I felt like I was on the set of Aladdin with all these stalls with all these people asking you to buy this and that. All that needed was a man at one of the stalls to yell "sugar dates sugar dates and figs sugar dates and pistachios" xD 

What really broke my heart though was seeing loads of poor homeless kids up there. IF I had loads of cash and supplies, I'd have gone and given it too the needy. Those poor things obviously never live the lives like others do and it really broke my heart. crying fella (Reactions) 

Also they had lots of cages round in the sun that crammed little reptiles in and it made me sad, no water and these poor babies really needed someone to have bought them all (I would) and then release them up by the hotel where they can roam free, be happy and eat to their hearts content. All these poor chameleons and lizards and tortoises. As an animal activist, I've have protested to set them free. Same went with monkeys on chains where people ask for money to take photos with them, it's just sad to watch. :(

Also saw loads of snake charmers with their snakes...was fascinating to see live cobras. I wish I got more time to browse if people would just LET ME HAVE A LOOK! I've never been outside of Europe so for me, it's new and wonderful and I feel like Ariel off the Little Mermaid seeing everything new for the first time and being there to experience it.

I did see some beautiful bracelets up there that I really wanted but the prices were steep no matter how much we wanted to water it down to...same with these gorgeous ukeleles they had  up there. Would've loved to have picked up an instrument from there.

Later, went back for lunch and relaxed in the sun by the pool and relaxed...heaven...never wake me up when in this state. Jigglypuff: Rest 

Soon I went back for dinner and later, just chilled out and went to a karaoke session. mic pweez 

THIS was the highlight of my night. I was the only one that knew all the chosen tracks by heart and I felt like I was at an actual gig performing all of these songs. Even kids were all gathered  up to hear my voice for real and it just felt amazing, This felt like a life long dream of mine, especially since I got to show off my voice. Everyone was just high fiving me and telling me  I was fantastic, I'm glad nobody threw all their roses at me hahaa! Perfect end to the night.

May 6th
Lovely lazy saturday morning and afternoon. Laying in the sun reading a book by the pool. Heaven and daydreams! :D

As for the rest of the days, chilling out mostly, recovering from colds and bought two lush red bangles for a planned cosplay! :D 

SO far and as of lately, this vacation's a little bleh but the weather's nice, minus sunburning weather, thank god for reading and things. 

ALSO the staff seem all nice and cute until the men try to kiss you and put their arms round thanks. MUSH! Vomiting Fella (Reactions) Puke 



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United Kingdom
Name's Steph, currently unemployed. I love creativity, but I lack in it due to patience, I can sort've draw but I'm not ace, just need a little practice and a push now and then. Occassional writer.

Also a little on the odd side but working my way into rights and wrongs and other things. Yada yada yada.

Freelance voice actor who would love to consider getting better at it, possible current dream job. I love voice acting with a passion. Voice acting to me is very interesting, I've been fascinated by it for a while, I paid attention to who was who not too long ago. Still have yet a lot to learn about it.

Vintage Microphone by rod750MY VOICE FILMOGRAPHY:…. Vintage Microphone by rod750

If you ever need a voice actor, don't be afraid to ask me, I have an email for where you can contact me by sending me a note.

Also currently taking acting lessons at the Swindon N Piano Drama school and loving it.

I'm also a tree-hugger an a PROUD ANIMAL ACTIVIST! I stand up for Animal Rights and I stand up for what I believe in. I've stood up for animal rights since I can remember.

Some other things. No time for that now. Gallery needs clearing/sorting out and things...

Wall of LOLS and giggles and random fo'shizzles x3


What game series would you love to see rereleased on PSN, Steam or other networks? 

3 deviants said Have your say? Whether they've been done before or NOT on other places?


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