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 My best mate xbluebandicootchaos wanted a video of my tattoo in the flesh, so after waiting for it to heal. BAM! Here we go. All filmed on my tablet, edited on Movie Maker and CyberLink PowerDirector. x
 Another Sonic Advance 2 voice dub I did with HHog

I WAS going to do this one a while ago but at the time, my hamster had passed on, so I didn't feel like it. I'm still pretty much a bit down still but it'll pass I guess. At least I did something to keep my mind off it. 
Oh procrastination, how I loathe the shit out of you...

Plus DevArt still needs a god damn audio button...WHO says audio isn't art as well, come on..:L
DjayDjaysArt this is seriously some of the best animation I've seen in a 16 bit game. Such a bummer we never owned these...XD 
Rest in peace Chuck Berry. Rest in Peace Emma 

I was only 3 years old when I used to sit down in the kitchen on an armchair all by myself listening to his records on CD up high on the fridge along with Neil Sedaka and Johnny Cash. 

Even then, I was into the oldies. DjayDjaysArt, let us remember the good times we had hearing that certain record. x
Little Amber by KawaiiSteffuRest in peace to my dear sweet little angel, Amber (nicknamed Madame Amberly) who passed away early this morning. :( 

She and I had a special bond since the day we met and she has been a real delight to be with. They say that dogs and cats are the ones that usually have a special bond and can sense your emotions, but even hamsters can too. My Amber would cuddle me when I was down and was always there to cheer me up and make me laugh with her mischief and antics. 

Goodbye my dear little angel. You will be missed. Rest in Peace Emma 
 One of the voice dubs I did for a text based dialogue game. Special thanks to HHog for being the voice of Sonic. 
Hoping to make this an ongoing thing, plus, gives us an excuse to voice act more hahaa! Special thanks to :iconluke-the-f0x: for the voice of Robotnik.

I can't wait to get started fully. Still waiting on HHog for his Sonic lines...
Blogger by Th3EmOo  HEY guys! I've my own blog now! FEEL FREE TO CHECK ITOUT AND FOLLOW!
 FINALLY after two days! It's heeeere! :D 
Tonight at 7, I shall be interviewing voiceover artist Colleen Villard, known for Tails in the Sonic franchise, Sora from Digimon and many others. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask then hurry hurry HURRY!!!! Got a few hours to go!!!! :D  #voiceactor #karenmccormick #soradigimon #colleenvillard #interview #tailsmilesprower 
Hey everyone, my best friend DjayDjaysArt is going to jump out of a plane for charity and she needs donations to do it. She's doing it for Autism Awareness. Please pledge what you can and spread the word. Thank you so much.… #autismawareness #skydiving #charity #donations 
New YouTube channel made for my new Lets Plays. Wanted a fresh new start! New vid'll be up soon but if you're interested, then subscribe to Gamer Steffu for new gaming vids coming soon. Might redo some games I have done before. ;)
Sorry for not replying sooner lately for your kind thank yous on favs and watches, but you are all more than welcome. Been totally busy lately. xxoo… SONIC FIGURINE UNOPENED FOR SALE!!!!

Ugh, I hated writing this description in...all this scale stuff etc. -_- *tired*
Anybody have Overwatch (PS4)? Add me: KawaiiSteffu and we should have a match together some time ;)
Hey guys, my good friend DCLeadboot takes commissions. Want a sketch or drawing etc. from him? Details are shown here:…

He's a really good artist, but DO respect what he does and doesn't do. 
  • Listening to: What I just recorded so it can render in time!
  • Reading: Some magazine
  • Watching: Princess Tutu, Fantasia
  • Playing: Rayman Legends
  • Eating: chicken, sweetcorn and chips
  • Drinking: water
Oh my god!!! Tonight has been absolutely amazing!!!! 

So, the other month I was chatting to a friend about voice actors and she said to me that I should interview one from the Sonic franchise and the one that came to mind was Colleen Villard (current voice actress for Tails Sonic Boom Tails Sly Face ) and I was like "Well, gonna be a long shot but definitely!". So contacted her (politely) and only about two weeks ago she got around to replying and enthusiastically agreed to do this with me. 

We were going to about a week ago but things got hectic but I didn't mind, but we then settled on Friday (today) and's been the most fun I have had so far this year!!!!!! She was super friendly, sweet and! OMG!! I can't believe I got to do this, it felt like a part of my childhood just happened for real. 
:fangasm: XDThe FanGirl Emote.  :Kawaii:   :excited::happy:  fair fight Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1]Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-06 (Kawaii Dance) [V1]Bunny Emoji-41 (Happy go lucky) [V2]Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Sho happy) [V6]Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Happy Dance) V6  Fangirling Kao Emoji-93 (Excitement) [V5]

Also, since Tumblr feels a little cramped with too much reblogs and stuff, I made a fresh new start on Blogger and decided to add some of my new stories and fun events etc right here: CLICKY, CLICKY!!!! it's still kinda new and I only just started but it's still great for all my upcoming moments and stories and misadventures, so yeah. I'm hoping to make something out of it. 

The interview went so well, I can't wait to get it up onto YouTube when I can. Will keep you posted! :D


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United Kingdom
Name's Steph, currently unemployed. I love creativity, but I lack in it due to patience, I can sort've draw but I'm not ace, just need a little practice and a push now and then. Occassional writer.

Also a little on the odd side but working my way into rights and wrongs and other things. Yada yada yada.

Freelance voice actor who would love to consider getting better at it, possible current dream job. I love voice acting with a passion. Voice acting to me is very interesting, I've been fascinated by it for a while, I paid attention to who was who not too long ago. Still have yet a lot to learn about it.

Vintage Microphone by rod750MY VOICE FILMOGRAPHY:…. Vintage Microphone by rod750

If you ever need a voice actor, don't be afraid to ask me, I have an email for where you can contact me by sending me a note.

Also currently taking acting lessons at the Swindon N Piano Drama school and loving it.

I'm also a tree-hugger an a PROUD ANIMAL ACTIVIST! I stand up for Animal Rights and I stand up for what I believe in. I've stood up for animal rights since I can remember.

Some other things. No time for that now. Gallery needs clearing/sorting out and things...


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